Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment (SR) is a Soul level healing modality that assists individuals to understand and connect with their Divine Soul Blueprint (DSB) as it was originally created by Source.

Who are you at Soul level? When the Soul chooses to incarnate into physical form it seeks to experience and express its divinity. Over multiple lifetimes, the soul learns that the choices it makes while incarnated have consequences. Choices made in alignment with one’s DSB creates positive karma, and choices made out of alignment with one’s DSB creates negative karma. Karma is simple the mechanism by which our choices create consequences. Whether negative or positive, karma is carried over into the next life and effects that incarnation. Your present-day life and experiences are the result of past and current life choices. By understanding your Divine Soul Blueprint, you are better able to make positive choices, ensuring positive karma. Positive karma increases the flow of vital force energy, and the flow of abundance in all areas of one’s life.

Akashic Records: The Akashic Records, often referred to as the “Book of Life” can be thought of metaphorically as the etheric cloud where everything that occurs in the universe is recorded. This multi-dimensional storehouse of universal information can be accessed. The most extensive source of information regarding the Akashic Records comes from the work of clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). Cayce possessed the ability to access any type of information via the Akashic Records. There are dozens of books on multiple topics Cayce authored during his lifetime. The healing power of Soul Realignment results from accessing and clearing negative Soul level karma from an individual’s Akashic Records.

Sessions Overview:

As a Certified Soul Realignment (TM) Practitioner, I offer several levels of healing modalities. The Basic Soul Profile modality is the primer. It clears negative karma from your Akashic Records that you are ready to release. Clearing negative karma allows more vital or creative force energy to flow into your life. This may be experiences as more physical/mental energy to accomplish your life goals, abundance, opportunities, and more mental and psychological space to expression your gifts. Additionally, you will learn the origins of your soul, how your soul is designed, why you incarnated, the optimal way to express your divinity, clear past life attachments, vows, and agreements. These are just a few of the benefits you will experience from a Soul Realignment session.
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Soul Realignment session offerings:

Basic Soul Profile: Identifies the primary components of one’s Soul’s Divine Blueprint, including the Soul’s Origination, Energy Centers, vibrational rate, and current levels of protection. Past and current life energetic blocks and restrictions (negative karma) are identified and cleared from your Akashic Records.

Advanced sessions:

Expanded Soul Profile: Includes Soul Specialization and the connection to the Higher-self, and identifies the primary and secondary Life Lessons that the Soul has chosen to explore in this lifetime.

Life Situation Reading: Identifies karmic blocks and restrictions to specific concerns, while resolving and clearing present-life blocks and restrictions.

Relationships Profile: Provides insight and perspective into how the Soul utilizes relationships (e.g., intimate/family/friends and business) for growth and expansion.

Chakra Analysis Profile: Identifies imbalances in the primary chakra system and provides guidance on making positive choices that facilitate the re-balancing of the chakra system.

Spirit Guides session: Identifies your spirit guide team, their areas of expertise, and their methods of communicating, and direction on how to utilize their guidance to achieve your life purpose and goals. Additionally, ongoing Spirit Guide sessions include channeling your guides for immediate information on specific concerns from the wisdom of your Spirit Guide team.

Sessions can be combined for additional insight, clearing, and healings at a reduced rate. If you are interested in experiencing the life changing healing of Soul Realignment and would like to book a session, please contact Keith E. Smith, LCMHC at:, or 802.238.0058.

Schedule A Initial Soul Realignment Consultation Two Weeks From The Date of Payment (Payment links at bottom of page). This is the time needed to prepare your session. (Please Indicate A One Hour Time Slot Between 5:00PM and 8:00 PM In The Details Section):

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About 6 weeks ago, I agreed to having my soul realignment completed by Keith.  My career is one of evidence based studies and practices.  Therefore, I honestly had a lot of skepticism about the process. However, I know and trust Keith and felt that the time had come for me to deepen my learning and growth.  When I read about the work that this process can do, it sounded ideal. At the time I was searching,  I felt stuck, stagnant and mired in my lack of ability to further my enlightenment.  I was yearning for more. My birthday was coming up, so I decided to give myself this deep energetic gift.  Keith spent hours talking with me about what he discovered when he reviewed my charts.  I did the homework that Keith gave to me following the lengthy and informative session.  Again, my skepticism was creeping in.  Were these words really helping me clear old karmic stories and energies?  I asked the questions, and moved forward doing the work. I shared with Keith that just a few days after all of this work, I already felt a shift.  Previous obstacles that were blocking me had already shifted and my path was becoming clearer and clearer. Keith shared with me that what he saw in my charts was that I was blocked from my own power. I am amazed at how things are shifting.  I can honestly say my voice is becoming so clear and brave and with that, my power is lighting up.  Thank you Keith for this powerful work. I am so excited to see how this all continues to unfold because I can feel that this is only the beginning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Kerry Fantelli, May, 2020

I had a session with Keith a few days ago. Keith did not know much about personal my life or my relationships. In our session, Keith shared with me stories that have repeated again and again, It was easy for me to connect the dots and figure out who were the souls that had impact in my life(s).

As the days are passing more information and wisdom is coming my way. I am still processing some of the information shared by Keith and my decision making process is changing because of that. Keith clearly explained concepts that I did not know and helped me understand the new information, he asked critical questions that helped my understanding of the messages I was receiving.

I am so glad I got to do this. I am seeing my life in a different light and have a better understanding of my feelings and fears. I feel more relaxed and I am embracing those parts of me that I did not understand in the past. Whenever you are ready to do it, do not hesitate in contacting Keith. He gave me the gift of understanding and I am forever grateful for it.
Tatiana, April 2019

“I so enjoyed the experience of a Soul Realignment session with Keith. The information he gave me was easy to understand and so relevant to my life and my patterns, that I was a little surprised! It all resonated so deeply with me. There is something very different for me about thinking about my life and my patterns through this lens. It really helped me to both step back and get a larger lens on myself, as well a more intimate and compassionate understanding of very detailed parts of my patterns in life. There is something very comforting to me about seeing myself from this perspective, over multiple lifetimes and experiences. Since the reading, I have been enjoying the ritual of the daily homework. I feel deeply committed to the homework, and as the days go by, I find myself feeling calmer and more grounded. Keith was both informative and compassionate during the session, and it was so enjoyable to be with him. He listened to my thoughts and answered my questions, giving me a new and compassionate outlook on a current pattern I’m struggling with. His support and guidance through this process was incredible. I would highly recommend a Soul Realignment session with Keith. It feels like it has been life changing for me.”
Allice Pollvogt, 2019

My Soul Realignment session with Keith exceeded my expectations. The session revealed information about my past and current experiences that I had shared with no one. The reading by Keith has helped better understand my relationships and how to better manage them. Soul Realignment has also motivated me to engage in regular sustained meditation and I am reaping the benefits that come from doing so. The follow-up steps that were suggested that I undertake after the reading continue to help me to remove past-life blocks and restrictions and clutter from my life. I am a believer in both Keith’s skills as well as the value of Soul Realignment.
Anonymous 2018

Keith is very knowledgeable in many areas and when he told me about the soul alignment I was so excited to participate. I had been dealing with a lung issue for about six years and was hoping that he could tap into what emotions I was carrying that may be an underlying cause. The results were amazing. Keith discovered a past life in which I was holding a part of my mother’s soul out of guilt. The lung issue has cleared up and I am now feeling healthy and free of any past bonds. I am so grateful to Keith for taking this course and helping me to be healthy again.
Sandy Ferrier, Enterprise, UT 2018

If you would like to experience the healing power of Soul Realignment, contact: Keith E. Smith, LCMHC at: 802.238.0058,