Crystal Healing Wands (CHW’s): CHW’s are powerful healing and transformational tools designed for the human ascension process. Quartz crystals have a unique crystalline structure and piezoelectric reactivity that raises consciousness by interacting with spatial harmonics attuned with the mind matrix. The human mind matrix is designed to interact with quartz, allowing for the extension and amplification of consciousness. CHW’s combine these essential foundational elements resulting in a quantum leap in your spiritual awakening, consciousness, and ascension.

Soul Realignment (SR): Do you ever think about your Soul? Who are you at Soul level? Do you wonder if you actually have a Soul; or, what exactly is the Soul? SR answers all of these questions and more. SR is a powerful healing modality that allows for in-depth Soul level healing by connecting you with your Divinity, and, by clearing negative karma from your Akashic record. Once negative karma is cleared, you are better able to manifest and create reality on the Earth plane by the power of conscious choice in alignment with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint.

Blessings, Keith E. Smith (aka, the Crystal Warrior)