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November 25, 2018

Welcome to the blog of the Crystal Warrior (CW) and Crystal Power Wands (CPWs) website. The creation of this website and public presentation of Crystal Power Wands and the Crystal Warrior has been many years in the making. I credit the wisdom of the Crystal Power Wands and their creator, the Crystal Warrior, for supporting and encouraging me to launch my vision. I also acknowledge the spirit of Ayahuasca for encouraging me to take my vision out into the world.

The last few months have been transformative and much has unfolded for me. All that has been unfolding is quite new, exciting, and at times overwhelming; I certainly am out of my comfort zone and at times uncertain of my next steps. Yet, I continue to feel compelled to continue moving forward and providing a platform for the CW and CPWs; wherever they may take me. Perhaps you too are feeling an internal shift that is calling to you?

What I envision for this blog is monthly posts covering a range of topics related to the inception of CPWs and the emergence of the CW. Topics that I plan on discussing include: techniques and practices for working with CPWs, strategies and techniques for developing your Internal Guidance System(IGS) notes from Peru where I experienced several Ayahuasca ceremonies, and my exploration of the Akashic records. Finally, I will also include relevant art work (past and present), and videos created by me exclusively for this website.

In the last few months I have experienced an increase in communication from the CW telling me that I must put more effort into the development of CPWs and increase their exposure to the world. In recent months, I have experienced visions, insights and multiple ideas of new and advanced CPWs that seek access to this dimension. I have been supported in the form of serendipitous meetings with individuals who have the technical skills, connections, experience, knowledge and abilities to assist me in creating the visions that increasingly appear in my consciousness during meditation and the dream state. It has been communicated to me that the CPWs are part of my karmic past, and that my work now is about resolving that karma in this 3rd dimensional reality.

This CPW was created in the early 90s. It represents the emergence of the CW and my evolving powers during a challenging emotional, psychological and spiritual period. This was a time when I was struggling to find my personal power and purpose; why I had incarnated in this lifetime, and my goals for this particular journey. The colors and symbols embedded in this CPW represent the fire that was igniting in me, the purity of energy I was accessing, and the mystery of knowledge being conveyed to me.

The accompanying symbol, which I call the Crystal Dream-weaver (CDW) also emerged during this critical time period. The CDW represents the prayers I was sending, the power of the crystals, the gentleness of spirit, and the healing medicine I was receiving. The drawings shown on “The Origins of The Crystal Warrior” page also show some of the other drawings that I made at that time. I had actually forgotten about these early representations of the CW and CPW until recently.

Also during this period of my life, I met an amazing group of individuals with whom I came to view as my spiritual family. We called ourselves “The Laughing Rainbow Tribe.” I was introduced to the group by George (the guy in the middle with the black baseball cap). George is a craniosacral practioneer with great healing abilities. Once I met Sandy Whitewinds (The beautiful women with the white hair, and Diane (Sandy’s beautiful younger sister with brown hair), it was clear that we had previous lifetimes together. We became inseparable. Diane taught me to ride horses. The Rainbow tribe would spend Saturdays’ riding horses for hours. Eventually it was just Diane and me, and after some time, just me riding solo. My constant companion during this period was Chino; the powerful horse that nurtured me back to emotional, psychological and physical health. Chino was a mixture of Clydesdale and quarter-horse; a powerful combination. When the owner of the stable first showed me the horse (Chino) that I would be riding, I became quite frightened. I had never been on a horse, and Chino was more than I was expecting for my first-time riding lesson. Years later I learned that the owner of the stable had purposefully given me Chino to fuck with me. Little did he know that his little gag was exactly what I needed. Riding Chino every week allowed me to connect with his power and fearlessness. He would jump into streams, over logs and gallop at full speed with me on his back hanging on for dear life. Over time, I welcomed our time together and the lessons he was teaching me. As I grew in confidence and skills, I began taking Chino out on my own. It was during these rides that I began to feel the emergence of my personal power and the emergence of the Crystal Warrior. My most powerful moments with Chino were riding bareback. Without the saddle between us, we were as one. I only needed to think of what I wanted him to do and he would do it. I would describe the feeling of riding bareback as energetically stimulating, sensual and powerful. The watercolor painting on the “History of the Crystal Warrior” page, captures the powerful connection between us during those times; For me it was magical period and I am eternally grateful that this beautiful creature agreed to teach me.

Hopefully, I am giving you a sense of the multilayered events and experiences that have contributed to the emergence of the CW and CPWs. Even more it is my intent for you to have a felt sense of the experience of these events so that we can deepen our shared spiritual journey. The more that I write about these events, the more I realize how the universe, my Internal Guidance System (IGS), and my guardians and teachers have guided me to exactly where I need to be. It is also my intent to share my journey and lessons to those who seek out CPWs; for I believe that we have some spiritual agreement to fulfill. I believe it is no accident that you are reading these words and finding yourself attracted to CPWs and the CW. Clearly, you are being summoned by your own IGS which is calling you to your own journey of healing and self-empowerment.

I look forward to continuing our journey together. Please join me for my next blog which will further explore strategies for developing and working with your Internal Guidance System.

Keith E. Smith, (aka, the Crystal warrior).

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